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11+ Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the key information you need if considering an application for the CSSE 11+. The following information applies to students in Year 5, who will be entering secondary school in September 2021. The CSSE (The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex) facilitate the application and testing process.

  • How can I obtain information direct from the CSSE?

    The CSSE website can be found at www.csse.org.uk. 

  • What do the tests involve?

    English (1 hour plus 10 minutes reading time : 60 marks)

    • comprehension, grammar, vocabulary questions
    • two pieces of continuous writing
    • applied reasoning (literacy/verbal)

    Mathematics (1 hour : 60 marks)

    • questions consistent with the National Curriculum
    • applied reasoning (mathematical/non-verbal)

    A preparation parental guideline is available at www.csse.org.uk.

  • What are the key dates I need to know?

    May 11th 2020: Recent test materials available for sale via CSSE

    May 19th 2020: Registration opens

    July 1st 2020: Registration closes

    Saturday 19th September 2020: Test date

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