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The St George's School Curriculum

The curriculum at St George's School is being designed to prepare our young people for a purposeful and successful future. The students of today will be the solution finders of tomorrow, ensuring that that they, their families, wider society and the global community have all of their needs met in a secure world. In playing our part, we are developing a curriculum around four key drivers:


Learning is not just about being taught a new skill or piece of knowledge. Learning only truly takes place when a new idea has been mastered to the extent that it is stored securely in our long term memory and can be recalled and used when required. When we are able to confidently draw upon our skills and knowledge, we be content that we have learned well. As they say, 'once you have learned to ride a bike, you never forget'.


The opportunities we are offered in life are limitless. Indeed, the only limiting barrier we have is our own sense of aspiration, desire and effort. 


Learning occurs when we are about to acquire a new skill or knowledge, something that we have not been able to do before, something that might challenge our existing ideas or beliefs. Learning can require effort. We may need some stamina. We might have to stick at it and show determination. Resilience helps us to learn well, to manage difficult situations and strive to achieve our goals. If we are challenged in the classroom we will often feel 'stuck'. This is a positive feeling, as it is the point at which we show resilience, think afresh, consider new learning and have a go!


Life has much to offer. Whether it be the simple things in life, or whether we are able to try something that we have not done before, the opportunity to experience new, exciting, interesting and healthy activities enriches our lives and helps us to learn. So, whether it be a walk in the woods, standing in the rain, watching an event, trying a new skill ... whatever the opportunity, it does us good to have a go.

Each year group has an overarching theme within each term. We endeveavour to create an engaging and enriched curriculum experience.  

See our year group pages for more information on what is covered in each topic and how as a parent you can support your child at home.

Our Curriculum for Progression

Each subject progression document has informed both planning and assessment as a basis to build our exciting currciulum. 

EYFS curriculum

We are committed to offering a range of experiences to our children.

Our menu of experiences... the top 50...

Visit a museum

Visit a theatre

Participate in swimming lessons

Visit Bourne Mill

Meet an MP

Perform in a choir before an audience

Go on a boat

Go crabbing

Stay overnight at school

Visit a beach

Experience Virtual Reality Worlds

Visit London

Go to the local library

Support or donate to a charity

Graduate from the Children's University

Visit the Roman Circus

Enter a school based competition

Visit places of religious interest in our locality

Play conkers

Bring up a butterfly

Grow a plant

Build a den

Visit a castle

Go pond dipping

Create some wild art

Fly a kite

Eat a picnic in the wild

Find your way with a map

Create beach art

Sit around a camp fire

Play a musical instrument

Meet an author

Cast a vote and experience democracy

Take part in a school production

Have a poem or story published

Taste foods from different cultures

Make and eat delicious food

Compete in a sports stadium

Have a water fight

Go to a Panto!

Perform an act of community service

Enter a national competition

Meet a professional person and speak to them about their job

Join a school club

Learn a poem by heart and perform it to an audience

Meet a wild animal

Experience dance

Learn to make something using origami

Take part in a debate

Star gazing

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