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Message from the Headteacher : May 10th 2021

Dear Families,

I think it is fair to say that the last year has presented challenges that, as parents, we have found to be quite unique. It has been no mean feat to be able to get to this point, and I would like to congratulate you all for what you have done. Well done!

I know that, with lockdowns and restrictive measures in place, we can easily feel out of touch with school life. I thought you would therefore value an update from me directly, so that you know what is happening at the school.

Learning at School

Life at school is very good. Children are settled and thriving, enjoying the learning in class. We have provided some additional sessions for those children that may particularly benefit, and are busy teaching a ‘recovery curriculum’, making sure that we are mindful of what would normally have been taught during the months affected by lockdown.

Behaviour at School

Behaviour at the school is very good. Children are happy and engaged in what they are doing. Children are eagerly earning Dragon Tokens and we have already presented lots of certificates to children across the school. We know that, for some families, the last year has been particularly challenging, and this may show in the way that some children and families present themselves. We are understanding that this may be the case, and are providing help and support where we can. We have been made aware that some young children have struggled to socialise in a healthy manner when in the local area during evenings and weekends, and we would ask all parents and carers of older children to ensure their child is safe and appropriately behaved.

Knowing How Your Child is Getting On.

Sadly, the spring term lockdown prevented us from holding consultation conversations with families. However, we are aware that many families felt connected to how their child was doing because they were learning at home. We are pleased to reassure you that school reports will be made available for you this year. These will be written by your child’s class teacher, and will be provided for you next half term.

Staying Safe

Schools across the country continue to operate under a series of guidelines that aim to keep children safe. Staggered start and end times, differing break and lunch times, changed cleaning regimes, one way systems, learning in ‘bubbles’, masks for adults and the reduction of non-essential visitors into the school building are all helping to reduce the risk of infection between staff and children.

Attendance and Prompt Arrival

I am delighted to share that many children have attendance of 100% since schools reopened, and that 76% of children have attendance over 96%. This is a super effort! We would kindly ask that all families, whose child attends less than 96%, make every effort to be in school every day unless they genuinely are too poorly to attend.

We are doing well. Take care everyone, Mr Carl Messer (Headteacher)


As always, if your child, or a member of your household, has a NEW AND CONTINUOUS COUGH, is HOT TO TOUCH, or has a LOSS OR CHANGE TO TASTE OR SMELL, you must all stay at home and the person with symptoms must have a full PCR test booked (not a home based lateral flow test).

Staying Safe

As you will be aware, it is school … but not as we normally know it. All of the preventative steps that were put in place in the spring term have remained.

However, there are some changes in place since last term owing to the continuing lockdown:

  • Adults in families are now able to take a Lateral Flow Test twice a week, for free, at home.


  • Order LFT tests online, or collect from the University Testing Centre.
  • Once your child is dropped off at school, leave the area immediately ..’Drop and Go’.

To assist social distancing:

  • When collecting at the Woodlands site, please take the one-way route out.
  • Do not stand near other families at the beginning and end of the day.
  • Do not drive your car close to the schools. Please do not drive in:
  • Canterbury Road (the school end)
  • Barrington Road
  • Claudius Road
  • Grimston Road

Please leave these roads free for adults more space to be socially distanced, allowing families with children more space on the pavements.

Your child must not attend school if:

  • They, or another person in the household, shows a symptom of Covid-19.
  • Someone in the household has a positive test for Covid-19.
  • Test and Trace have informed you that your child must self-isolate.

Most self-isolation periods are for a full 10 days, but Test and Trace will guide you on this.

Take care everyone,

Mr Carl Messer (Headteacher)


General Information Regarding Re-Opening

All children will be expected to attend school unless ill or self-isolating. The school will continue to put in place special safety measures to keep adults, children and families as safe as possible. We will confirm these soon, but in the meanwhile expect the school to operate broadly in the same way as during the autumn term, with children working within a 'bubble', and staggered start and finish times in place. Children at Towers (Years 3-6) will arrive and depart as before. Children at Woodlands will arrive as normal via the one-way system, but be collected via the East Gate (onto the playground with the wooden hut and trim trail). Here, once collected, there will be a separate gate to exit to help with social distancing.

Nursery        (Foxes)                                                 

Arrive:           Nursery Rear Gate            8:45am

Collect:         Nursery Rear Gate            11:45am

Reception    (Squirrels, Hedgehogs, Rabbits)        

Arrive:           Woodlands North Gate      Between 8:50am and 9:00am

Collect:         Woodlands East Gate        Squirrels and Hedgehogs at 3:05pm      

                     Woodlands East Gate        Rabbits at 3:10pm

Year 1          (Lions, Leopards, Tigers)

Arrive:           Woodlands North Gate      Between 8:40am and 8:50am

Collect:         Woodlands East Gate        Tigers at 3:10pm

                     Woodlands East Gate        Lions and Leopards at 3:15pm

Year 2          (Owls, Hummingbirds and Robins)

Arrive:           Woodlands North Gate      Between 8:30am and 8:40am

Collect:         Woodlands East Gate        Robins and Hummingbirds at 3:20pm

                     Woodlands East Gate        Owls at 3:25pm

Year 3

Class 1: Queue RED ZONE at SOUTH GATE (Claudius Road). Arrive from 8:35am for 8:40am entry to school. Collect from 3:00pm for 3:05pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Claudius Road). 

Class 2: Queue GREEN ZONE at SOUTH GATE (Claudius Road). Arrive from 8:40am for 8:45am entry to school. Collect from 3:05pm for 3:10pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Claudius Road).

Class 3: Queue RED ZONE at SOUTH GATE (Claudius Road). Arrive from 8:45am for 8:50am entry to school. Collect from 3:10pm for 3:15pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Claudius Road).

Year 4

Class 4: Queue BLACK ZONE at WEST GATE (Claudius Road). Arrive from 8:35am for 8:40am entry to school. Collect from 3:00pm for 3:05pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Canterbury Road).

Class 5: Queue PINK ZONE at WEST GATE (Claudius Road). Arrive from 8:40am for 8:45am entry to school. Collect from 3:05pm for 3:10pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Canterbury Road).

Class 6: Queue BLACK ZONE at WEST GATE (Claudius Road). Arrive from 8:45am for 8:50am entry to school. Collect from 3:10pm for 3:15pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Canterbury Road).

Year 5

Class 7: Queue ORANGE ZONE at EAST GATE (Barrington Road). Arrive from 8:35am for 8:40am entry to school. Collect from 3:00pm for 3:05pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Claudius Road).

Class 8: Queue BLUE ZONE at EAST GATE (Barrington Road). Arrive from 8:40am for 8:45am entry to school. Collect from 3:05pm for 3:10pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Claudius Road). 

Class 9: Queue ORANGE ZONE at EAST GATE (Barrington Road). Arrive from 8:45am for 8:50am entry to school. Collect from 3:10pm for 3:15pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Claudius Road).

Year 6

Class 10: Queue BLUE ZONE at EAST GATE (Barrington Road). Arrive from 8:50am for 8:55am entry to school. Collect from 3:15pm for 3:20pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Claudius Road).

Class 11: Queue ORANGE ZONE at EAST GATE (Barrington Road). Arrive from 8:55am for 9:00am entry to school. Collect from 3:20pm for 3:25pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Claudius Road).

Class 12: Queue BLUE ZONE at EAST GATE (Barrington Road). Arrive from 9:00am for 9:05am entry to school. Collect from 3:25pm for 3:30pm departure via DOUBLE GATES (Claudius Road).

Please stay safe everybody, Mr Messer (Headteacher)


Covid-19 : If a member of your household has either;


all family members must self-isolate. Next, book a test online for the person with the symptoms.

Contact the school once you receive the results. If your child TESTS POSITIVE in the evening, weekend or school holiday, TEXT 07928 373686.


  • If a child registered at St George's School receives a POSITIVE test result for Covid-19, and the school is closed (eg evenings or weekends) please TEXT 07928 373686 to inform us of the situation.
  • If a child is required to self isolate for 10 days due to having a positive test, they are considered fit at the end even if they continue to have a cough or loss of taste or smell. If they continue to have a fever, however, they must stay in self isolation beyond 10 days until this has returned to normal (at least 48 hours).


All children attending: 

  • Must only do so if well. If you or your child are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 you must self isolate and not attend school (ill person self isolates for 10 days, and the rest of the family for 10 days). The child can return before this time if tested and evidence of a negative test is provided.
  • Must not behave in a manner that puts others at risk of infection, and will be asked to work at home again if they continue to do this.
  • Must ensure that physical contact is not made with other students at the school, and enable adults to maintain 2m social distancing when required.
  • Must be collected from school immediately in the event that they show symptoms of Covid-19 (a new persistent cough, are hot to touch, or have loss of smell or taste).
  • Are not to wear a face mask, PPE gloves or other similar equipment.
  • Must arrive exactly on time, and be collected on time to avoid cross infection between 'bubbles'.
  • Do not take public transport. Do not try to park near the school. No scooters please. The most effective way to travel will be by walking.
  • Wear a school uniform which should be washed regularly. 
  • Bring a bag to school with their packed lunch (if required) and reading book. 

For your reassurance:

  • All children will be in a class 'bubble', separated from other bubbles during the day.
  • Each bubble will be allocated a designated team of adults who will support them.
  • Each bubble will have a designated arrival and collection time.
  • School meals will be available for Reception and Years 1 and 2, whilst Years 3 to 6 will require a packed lunch.
  • School uniforms will be worn and should be laundered regularly.
  • Every child in Key Stage 2 will have their own stationery pack provided by the school to avoid use of 'shared resources'.
  • Key Stage 2 classrooms have been reorganised with minimal furnishing and forward facing desks to reduce risk of cross infection.
  • Cleaning procedures have been altered and will be provided continuously throughout the day.

Helpful Advice for Returning to School

If it would be helpful to view a support video explaining how to assist your child in the transition back to school, you may wish to visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H96X6zw7rgE (or search 'Tips for returning to school' on Youtube). 

Contact Us:

  • The main entrance will be closed. Please do not try to enter the school building.
  • Call us on 01206 506800 (Towers) or 01206 578080 (Woodlands)
  • Email us using the email addresses below.

Take care, stay safe, and keep following national social distancing and self isolation advice, Mr Messer 😊


Year 3 Teachers          Year3teachers@stgeorgesschool.org

Year 4 Teachers          Year4teachers@stgeorgesschool.org

Year 5 Teachers          Year5teachers@stgeorgesschool.org

Year 6 Teachers          Year6teachers@stgeorgesschool.org

SEN Issues                   senco@stgeorgesschool.org

Welfare Issues            nurture@stgeorgesschool.org

Mrs Dale                      jdale@stgeorgesschool.org

Mrs Cooke                   tcooke@stgeorgesschool.org 

Administration            contact@stgeorgesschool.org

Telephone                   01206 506800 ( 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday)

Asking for Help

StarLine on 0330 313 9162. StarLine is an independent body, staffed by teachers and Ofsted employees, who are available to give advice to families. Be aware that the call will be charged at the local rate.

Staying Safe Whilst Learning Online

The following websites may be useful in helping families to keep their children safe whilst working online.








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Latest News


Our menu's for the Woodland Site and Tower Site are available via the above News tab.  The Tower Site are offering a cold packed lunch menu at the moment at the usual cost of £2.50 a day which can be paid for via your ParentPay account.  

Theme for the Week


Absence email

Please note you can now report your child's absence via the attendance email address - attendance@stgeorgesschool.org

Local Visits

To help children with their learning we may often go out of the school gate on a local visit. Your local visit permission slip enables us to do this. We will always inform families in advance if we are planning a local visit, normally via a text message (except for visits to the school field for PE etc). These visits will often be added to the website calendar. All such visits are fully risk assessed and planned prior to taking place.

Junior Parkrun will be held on the recreation ground at 9am on Sunday. Register for free at www.parkrun.org.uk/colchester-juniors/ . Any pupil of the school who runs regularly can order a barcode bracelet and/or barcode tag from the Parkrun website and we will reinburse the cost! (Just show us the items and receipt as proof). Parkrun Currently Suspended

...Recent News... 

School Meals remain £2.50 per day from September 2020.

Swimming is taught in Year 5. Please be aware that a £2.00 financial contribution will be requested for each lesson. Also, please do not allow your child to have piercings as this may impact upon them being able to join in.

Educational Visits are organised regularly for the children in the school. We will need to request a financial contribution for each visit that is a fair proportion of the total cost involved. Vists risk being cancelled if adequate contributions are not received.

Ofsted conducted an inspection of the school on November 9th and 10th  2017 as part of their normal round of inspections. Our school was judged to be good in all aspects. The full report can be read in the information section of this website.

SATs 2019 Results (Results for the whole year group : not confirmed) 

Reading 65%, Writing 82%, Maths 73%, Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling 72%

Combined result 58%

SATs 2019 (Results for children who attended the school for all four years)

Reading 73%, Writing 87%, Maths 79%, Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling 76%

Combined result 66%





Disruptive Weather or Significant Events : in the event of any significant disruptive weather, or unavoidable events (eg lack of utilities), families will be informed by text of any risk to the school being able to open as normal. Please do not keep your child off school unless you have heard from the school formally of any need to close.

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St George's School, Canterbury Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 7RU

Tel Towers: 01206 506800 | Tel Woodlands: 01206 578080 | Email: contact@stgeorgesschool.org

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