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Timetable Information

Don't worry. We have all been there, thrying to remember what happens on each day! We have therefore created this page to provide all the basic information you need to stay organised. We will start with the most regular questions asked, and add to these over time.

When does school start?

On both the Woodlands campus (younger children) and Towers site (older children) the gates unlock at 8:40am. Families then have until 8:50am to deliver older children, and until 8:55am to deliver younger children.

When do I collect my child?

Woodlands site: (Slightly staggered times)

Year R: Badgers 3:00pm, Hedgehogs 3:02pm, Rabbits 3:04pm

Year 1: Nightingales 3:05pm, Robins 3:07pm, Woodpeckers 3:09pm

Year 2: Falcons 3:10pm, Owls 3:12pm, Sparrowhawks 3:14pm

Towers site:

Year 3: Class 10 at 3:20pm, Class 11 at 3:22pm, Class 12 at 3:24pm

Year 4: Class 13 at 3:20pm, Class 14 at 3:22pm, Class 15 at 3:24pm

Year 5: Class 16 at 3:20pm, Class 17 at 3:22pm, Class 18 at 3:24pm

Year 6: Class 19 at 3:20pm, Class 20 at 3:22pm, Class 21 at 3:24pm

PE Days Autumn Term 2022-2023

Most classes have two days a week when they may do PE. On these days children are asked to wear their PE kit for the day. They are welcome, of course, to wear a school jumper over the top and wear track suit bottoms etc in colder weather. Waterproof shoes can also be worn, with plimsols placed in their bag for the day, unless trainers are being worn. On non-PE days, full uniform should be worn.

Woodlands PE Days

Year R

Class 1 Hedgehogs: Monday and Thursday

Class 2 Badgers: Monday and Friday

Class 3 Rabbits: Monday and Friday

Year 1

Class 4 Nightingales: Tuesday and Friday

Class 5 Robins: Monday and Thursday

Class 6 Woodpeckers: Tuesday and Wednesday

Year 2

Class 7 Falcons: Monday and Friday

Class 8 Owls: Tuesday and Wednesday

Class 9 Sparrowhawks: Wednesday & Thursday

Towers (Years 3/4) PE Days

Year 3

Class 10: Tuesday and Thursday

Class 11: Tuesday and Thursday

Class 12: Tuesday and Thursday

Year 4

Class 13: Wednesday and Friday

Class 14: Wednesday and Friday

Class 15: Wednesday and Friday


Towers (Years 5/6) PE Days

Year 5

Class 16: Monday and Tuesday

Class 17: Monday and Tuesday

Class 18: Monday and Tuesday

Year 6

Class 19: Thursday and Friday

Class 20: Monday and Friday

Class 21: Thursday and Friday

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