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Learning in Reception 2022-2023

Learning in Autumn 1!


Learning in Reception

Children in Reception, learn through a play based curriculum, which provides opportunities for children to develop their independence, passion and motivation to fulfil their potential. Children are nurtured throughout their journey to become caring, resilient, creative and unique members of our community. The learning in EYFS provides hands on experiences where children play, explore and learn through meaningful interactions, activities, and continuous provision. Children are encouraged to use their curiosity and wonder to explore the prime and specific areas of learning. Learning in EYFS promotes children’s inquisitive nature and provides opportunities for children to enquire, take risks, experiment and investigate their world. Children are immersed in a play-based curriculum and stimulating environments that foster creativity, enthusiasm, motivation for learning and fun.


Our learning journey

The children in reception have had lots of fun exploring their topics through immersive hands on experiences. This year we have embarked on learning journeys to explore Nursery Ryhme Town, Into the Woods, STOMP, CHOMP, ROAR, Our Wonderful World, Busy at Work and Superheroes! 

Each topic has included an exciting hook for learning! We have had Nursery rhyme clues left in the classroom, dinosaurs visit the school, a fossil workshop, superhero training day, tradition tale workshops, mini-beast and animal handling sessions, and the air ambulance visiting! In each topic the children learn through purposeful experiences, children are able to take ownership of their journey, and are full immersed in their topic. 


How we learn

Children  take part in daily Literacy, Phonics, Maths and Topic learning experiences. We also encourage the children with independent challenges throughout the week. Children experience their learning through a variety of continuous provision, adult led activities and child directed play. Therefore, children have lots of opportunity to initiate their own learning and develop the skills which will help them with their education going forward. These skills include problem solving, resourcefulness, social skills, collaborative working and persevering when challenges occur and offer experiences to develop characteristics of effective learning. During the summer, term children will have more opportunity to complete adult led activities and whole class teaching in order to support the children’s smooth transition into Year One.



Children take part in weekly forest school sessions. These sessions take place on our school field in our woodland area. The children have the opportunity to explore their outside world, engage in using their senses and make discoveries. The children love learning in this environment, they are able to take risks, have adventures and develop their understanding of the world. In these sessions children develop their communication and language, and social skills. We focus on teamwork, trust, and resilience. The children really thrive in this environment and get the opportunity to freely explore and get very muddy!


Learning outside

In reception children spend time learning outside of the classroom. Each reception classroom has their own outside area to access through free flow continuous provision. The children have lots of fun developing and embedding skills learnt in the classroom in the outside environment. Children in reception enjoy exploring the water tray, baking in the mud kitchen, creating in the construction area and performing familiar stories. Children develop independent learning skills, teamwork and motiviation for learning in these environments. 

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